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Curious Girl

Toddler Childcare

Encouraging independence and following interests 

Young Painter

Preschool Childcare

Empowering children to follow their interests and desires

Newborn Baby

Infant Childcare

Respectful, caring, and compassionate care for the the youngest citizens of the world

Our Curriculum

Early Learning and Care Curriculum


“The early years of human development establish the basic architecture and function of the brain.” (J. Fraser Mustard)

At Sunny South Day Care we offer a variety of learning experiences through a variety of curriculum areas such as: 


- Sand and Water play 

- Dramatic Play and House

- Numerical Literacy

- Literature

- Science

- Gross Motor Activities

- Fine Motor Activities

- Math

- Nature Discovery

-Art and Creative Expression

-Music and Creative Movement

- Cultural Experiences

-Open ended group activities

- Field Trips

- Anti-bias Education


Play allows children to develop self help skills, independence, competence, and understanding of different topics through play based learning.  Our program enables children to learn to apply knowledge to a variety of different areas, explore materials to gain knowledge about the world around them, learn to read social cues, develop critical thinking skills, develop proficient problem solving skills, develop strong social/emotional skills and relationships. 


Our Educators focus on the process of each lesson plan vs the end product to encourage children and build upon their strengths. 


Every Educator at Sunny South Day Care follows the children's lead and embraces the emerging interests that appear. Most of our Educators are trained in the Alberta Curriculum Flight Framework, and follow this curriculum in their classrooms. 

Studies show that children learn best through hands on, play based experiences. When children are given ample time with a material or topic they are interested in, they will be able to gain knowledge from that experience, grow and learn.  


As Early Childhood Educators we recognize and highly value the importance of our jobs as teachers. Each month our team engages in professional development outside of weekly coaching and mentoring. We are constantly striving to learn new skills so that we are able to provide the highest level of care to the children and families in our program. 



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